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Most pharmaceutical companies are led by executives.
We’re led by science.

Everything we do is led by science. This means taking the best scientific practices and marrying them with the latest cuttingedge technology in every aspect of our operation from the cultivation to harvest to extraction and formulation. And since we control all of it, we know exactly what’s in our products.

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Not all hemp is created equal.
And not all CBD products are scientifically formulated.

We source hemp using the best seeds specifically bred to have the widest range of cannabinoids. And we do this because research has proven that full spectrum hemp extract provides more significant cannabinoids and terpenoids, making it better than CBD isolate. Once processed, our team then analyzes the extracts of the different cultivars and creates specific blends, or formulations to promote wellness.


If provenance didn’t matter, we would’ve found a hemp farm much closer than Oregon.

Thing is, the origins of cannabinoids do matter. That’s why we source our hemp in Oregon from farms in strict compliance with Oregon’s Industrial Hemp Act. This guarantees the use of organic farming principles to reduce the presence of harmful chemicals, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides.


We couldn’t find the best CBD extraction equipment, so we built one.

Until now, CBD extraction has never truly been done on an industrial scale, so the technology doesn’t even exist. That’s why we partnered with engineering firms, software programmers, and the State of Israel to create the most revolutionary CBD extraction technology ever. And since we can extract and test everything inhouse, we can ensure every MyRemede product meets our standards of purity and consistency.


Here to help.

We are in the business to help people significantly improve their health and lives, which is why we only source the finest quality plant-based and laboratory-standardized ingredients. As we move forward, given the speed of technology and science, we’ll surely find newer, better ways to improve our products. But what will never change is how we will always be led by science and driven by patient needs.