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Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

CBD oil continues to be one of the most popular alternative wellness resources in America. While the number of studies on CBD oil is still growing, there is anecdotal evidence supporting a wide variety of possible benefits. But can too much of a good thing be a bad thing?

Every CBD user’s number one concern is dosage. How much should I take? And can I take too much? Though more research is needed to make broad medical claims about proper CBD uses and dosage, the scientific studies we do have are helping us develop some reliable guidelines.

How Much is Too Much?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hundreds of compounds that make up the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, the most prominent psychoactive cannabis compound, CBD does not elicit euphoric or intoxicating effects. And though everyone’s body reacts to CBD differently, most users are able to tolerate high doses of CBD without complications. A 2011 found that the average human can tolerate CBD at continuously high doses of about 1,500 mg a day. To put that into perspective, some researches suggest daily cannabidiol dosages as high as 300-600 mg to be effective on certain medical conditions. This applies to doses that are ingested by the mouth or under the tongue. For CBD oils applied to the skin, there is much less available information on recommended dosage.

Side effects are often the main reason individuals are concerned about proper doses, and CBD is no different. But because clinical CBD research is limited, so are confirmed CBD side effects. The most commonly reported include dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. In rare cases, individuals have had liver complications. Compared to other medical treatments, CBD oils seem to have a much lower severity in terms of risks and possible side effects.

What’s Best for You?

You should always seek professional medical advice before adding CBD to your regular wellness routine. A doctor will be able to properly evaluate your medical history and identify any potential health risks. While doctors cannot actually prescribe CBD as an FDA approved drug, they can provide recommendation or advice on how it can be used as a part of your wellness regimen.

What’s Best for You?

With the help of a medical professional, determining the right amount of CBD consumption for you should be relatively simple. Like many supplements, this process often involves examining the user’s weight. How you treat your body and what condition it is in can greatly affect your weight and your health. The quality of your health will also influence your susceptibility to certain side effects. This goes for all forms of medication. Consulting with your doctor should help you to determine the amount of CBD oil that is right for you.

Next Steps

While shopping for the perfect CBD oil, it's important to know the concentration which can be found by looking at the CBD amount per serving. The stronger the concentration, the higher CBD amount per serving, and the stronger the effects. Understanding which strength of CBD oil works for you is a huge part of selecting the right dosage.This is typically best achieved by sticking to a consistent regimen for 2-3 weeks, gauging how your body reacts, then slowly adjust your dosage in this pattern until you start to experience the desired results.

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